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Vassiliki, Your “Must Visit” Summer Destination


Lefkada is the fourth largest island in the Ionian Sea of the Mediterranean.  The island is located on the west coast of Greece and connected to the mainland by a large causeway and floating bridge. It is considered by many as the most impressive and captivating Greek island, largely because of its picturesque beaches that are unusually combined with beautiful mountainous areas and pine forests.  No wonder locals take great pride in their island. Among Lefkada’s prime prides, the Vassiliki resort.

Vassiliki is a pretty harbour - fishing village, surrounded by both sand and pebbled beaches. Situated in the south of the island, about 25km south west of Lefkada town, Vassiliki is widely famous as one of the best windsurfing locations in the whole of Europe and renowned among windsurfing “addicts”.  During the summer, mainly in the afternoons, a local thermal wind named “Eric” storms the bay, thus creating Vassilki’s peculiar climatic conditions that are just ideal for windsurfers.

How to get there

…by air

The nearest airport is actually situated in the sandy peninsular of Aktios, quite close to Preveza and just a 30 minute bus ride from Lefkada town. There is a bus to Vassiliki which takes about two and a half hours and costs no more than 6.00 Euros.  By taxi the route drops down to 53 minutes but could cost you up to 57.00 Euros. A third option is renting a car and drive there in approximately the same amount of time.

…by bus…

There are buses to Lefkada town daily from Patras, Athens, Thessaloniki and Igoumenitsa – some of the largest cities in Greece hosting the country’s busiest airports.

...by ferry…

Ferries operate from several Italian cities, namely Trieste, Bari, Brindisi, Ancona and Venice and of course from the nearby Greek city of Patras. There are also local ferries which connect Lefkada with the rest of Ionian Islands.

...or by car...

Lefkada is a 385 km ride from Athens, 420 km from Thessaloniki, 180 km from Patras and just 100 km from Igoumenitsa. The floating bridge connecting Lefkada to the mainland is, surprisingly, toll-free – a somewhat rare event in Greece.


Whether you are looking for non-stop action either with water sports or mountain biking, lounging on the beach or lively nightlife, there is something for everyone and a holiday suited to every pocket.  The resort of Vassiliki boasts a unique blend of tourist activities.

The start of the season in April is very quiet and rather appealing to those craving a peaceful holiday.  May and June are also quiet but the weather is warmer and the area is full of wild flowers.  July and August are quite busy with both tourists and Athenians returning for the summer and creating the lively summer atmosphere most youths love.

But, let’s be more specific:

Land Activities

  • Sports: except for the usual sport activities that are easily found in almost every resort (such as basketball or tennis courts), Vassiliki offers its visitors some more… peculiar options, such as:
  • Beach fitness classes, if you are keen to get in shape.
  • Zumba dancing.
  • Horse-back riding.
  • Mountain biking: mountain bikes can be easily rented and there are plenty of trails to be discovered through the mountain greenery which surrounds the area.
  • Relaxing! Sometimes, just relaxing during the summer is all the adventure we need and despite the fact that Vassiliki is mostly an attraction for wind surfers and sport funs, it can also be an ideal place for families, couples or loners that just want to enjoy the Greek sun, the captivating scenery and the rejuvenating sea waves. Read, relax, sunbathe, take photos and watch the windsurfers racing around the bay.

Water Activities

  • Windsurfing: number one on the list would have to be windsurfing, which is really what this area is famous for. In fact, several of the local hotels offer instruction for all levels and boards can be rented almost everywhere in the region. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice windsurfer and just want to get the feel of it or an experienced one that craves for some genuine excitement; Vasiliki has everything needed to provide you with the perfect windsurf holiday: captivating scenery, ideal wind and climatic conditions, tuition and experienced guidance, as well as all the necessary equipment.
  • Sailing: Vassiliki offers its visitors multiple choices in sailing and sea venturing, such as
  • dinghy sailing, Vasiliki features excellent sailing conditions. Irrespective of your sailing experience, in Vasiliki you can sail out in the sea at once, either with help and guidance from professional trainers or not. Every morning the mild wind will safely guide you out in the open while a few hours later the wind will surely grow stronger and add some more excitement in your sailing
  • catamarans,
  • lasers,
  • kayaks,
  • canoes
  • or even stand up paddle boats.

All vessels are usually well maintained and easily found and rented from local agencies, in relatively moderate prices, especially until July.

  • Exploring the sea bed: Vassiliki has a wonderful underwater ecosystem ready to be explored. Local agencies offer tourists and visitors the opportunity to admire the exquisite delights of the sea bed:
  • Scuba diving: scuba diving equipment is easily available for both experienced and novice divers. Certain agencies also provide professional guidance and instruction if needed.
  • Snorkeling & spear fishing: snorkeling (coupled with spear fishing or not) is a simpler and far less expensive alternative recreation that can surely avail you some of the sea’s majestic views. Shops and super markets are filled with all sorts of snorkeling and spear fishing equipment, for both professionals and amateurs.


Sights to see

The picturesque fishing village of Vassiliki is located on the east side of the long bay which is filled with bars, cafes, taverns, hotels, apartments, studios and villas.  On the west side is Ponti, famous for its ideal windsurfing conditions.  There is a coastal road between Vassiliki and Ponti which is a pleasant and easy amble along the beach. There are daily ferries to the best sandy beaches of Porto Katsiki, Egremini and Kathisma or the unspoiled Agiofili beach.


Vassiliki combines something for everyone in a unique way. You can enjoy a quiet seafood dinner or the local cuisine in one of the numerous traditional sea-front taverns or in a more expensive restaurant, enjoy your ice cream or coffee in the cafés, listen to your favourite music in Café Bars or dance until dawn to a variety of music from pop to Greek. So make sure you have everything packed before you go!


The season starts in April and lasts until early October. Should you wish to get a rough idea about the weather, just take a look below:

April: 10 – 17 C

May: 13 – 21 C

June: 17 – 25 C

July: 19 – 27 C

August: 25 – 32 C


There is a wide variety of accommodation available and, naturally, prices depend upon the time in the season you wish to go and the type of accommodation required.  Bargains are to be found in all areas, especially if you book well ahead of time.  There are many hotels to choose from some of which offer free water sport activities. Two of them easily stand out:

  • The Surf Hotel Beach Club: excellent facilities near the sea, including a private water sports centre, free use of sailing boats, windsurf kit, bikes and guided rides along with free tuition and courses.
  • Xenia Hotel: a truly lovely Beach club hotel, providing everything needed for either a relaxing or an adventurous holiday, with free summer sports equipment and corresponding tuition.

Other accommodation options include:

  • apartments,
  • studios,
  • rooms to rent,
  • villas, depending on your budget and your requirements.

There is even a camping site, so there is something for everyone’s particular taste and pocket.


The best thing to do is visit Vassiliki. Discover for yourself the beauty of the area and the many activities on offer.  Your holiday in Vassiliki can be as action packed or relaxed as you desire. There is something for everyone to do with never a dull moment. The Mediterranean diet is healthy and delicious, the locals friendly, the sea clear and clean. One thing is certain; you surely won’t regret visiting Vassiliki next summer.

So, as they say in Greece “Kalo taxidi” – have a nice trip!

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