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Windsurfing Holidays

Each of our Beach Clubs enjoys an idyllic waterfront setting and some of the finest, and most reliable windsurf conditions in Europe. Whether you’re a tentative beginner stepping onto a board for the first time or your goal is to go blasting across the bay, nail that tricky manoeuvre or just stand up without falling in, we’ve got all the latest gear and all the tuition you’ll ever need.

New for 2018: If you’re a high intermediate you can try one of our Learn to foil courses in Vassiliki.


Why we Love Windsurfing in Greece

Warm, clear waters and reliable winds… who wouldn’t? Every day in sailing paradise starts the same; expect a gentle and manageable breeze in the morning, (which is great for beginners and families), before the thermal wind steadily builds after lunch, like clockwork every day and offers thrilling windsurfing for intermediates and experts.

Our guests return every year for our more personal ‘small-centre approach’, which provides the very best on-the-water experience for all abilities from our own expert team of British RYA instructors. And the best bit? All the kit and tuition is included in the cost of your holiday!

Beginners Windsurfing

The warm waters and predictable thermal winds coupled with our free and inclusive tuition make all our centres the ideal venue for learning to windsurf.

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Intermediate Non-Planing

Intermediates will find perfect windsurfing conditions at all our centres as the thermal wind offers reliable conditions and fun sailing

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Experts will find plenty to get excited about at our Beach Clubs. Our board racks are jammed full of the latest gear and our instructors will ensure you raise your game in every way!

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Advanced Windsurfing

Experts will find plenty to get excited about at our Beach Clubs. Our board racks are jammed full of the latest gear; and our instructors will ensure you raise your game in every way!

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Foiling WIndsurfing

Hold tight for Summer 2018 as Windsurfing literally takes off! Ocean Elements will be among the first holiday companies to offer foiling windsurfing instruction in Greece using foiling boards from Starboard. If you can blast in footstraps and a harness, then you should be able to foil with Ocean Elements next summer!

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Inclusive Windsurfing Tuition

We love teaching our guests to sail and windsurf. It’s what we do best! So it doesn’t matter if you’ve never even stood on a board before, or your goal is to push your limits and learn things you never thought possible. We’ll give you the holiday of a lifetime!

It’s a lot of fun to learn in a group with other Ocean Elements guests, that’s why we include five half days of tuition for free using our own expert instructors. They’ll make each session fun, and the warm water and predictable conditions encourage fast learning. You can even go home with a new RYA qualification to show off to your mates, again, for no extra charge.

There’s no need to pre-book your tuition or courses before you travel. Just sign up to the sessions of your choice when you arrive and speak to our beach team who are there to help you get the most out of your week.

We do offer private tuition at all of our resorts, using our own RYA instructors. These are available on a 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 basis and, are great value. More information on private lessons.

If Tuition Isn’t for You

If tuition isn’t for you and you can already windsurf then just head down to the waterfront, choose a board from the rack and our beach staff will help you get set up. There’s always safety boat cover and help getting back to shore and the beach is open all day, every day from 9.30 to when the last person comes off the water.

Start Windsurfing

  • Porto Heli: Inclusive RYA Start Windsurf course, (5 half days*)
  • Horto Pelion: Inclusive RYA Start Windsurf course, (5 half days*)
  • Vassiliki: Inclusive RYA Start Windsurf course, (5 half days*)

Where to Go?

All our resorts offer the perfect conditions for beginner windsurfers.

What to Expect

If you’ve never windsurfed before, our Start Windsurfing course is lots of fun and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to grasp the basics. You’ll learn about rigging, launching and sailing a triangular course on all points of sail.

We’ll start you off from our beach in warm, shallow waters and a light morning breeze with our expert instructors always on hand. Such pleasant conditions make learning fast and fun and you’ll learn at your own pace in friendly and sociable group lessons. By the end of the week, you’ll have shared some great times on the water with new-found friends and be returning home a fully-fledged and qualified RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Level 1 Windsurfer.
*Each half-day session is 2.5 to 3 hours long. 

More on Beginner Windsurf

Intermediate Non-Planing

  • Porto Heli: Inclusive RYA Level 2 Windsurf course, (5 half days*)
  • Horto Pelion: Inclusive RYA Level 2 Windsurf course, (5 half days*)
  • Vassiliki: Inclusive RYA Level 2 Windsurf course, (5 half days*)

Where to Go?

All our resorts offer the perfect conditions for Improver or Intermediate windsurfing.

What to Expect

If you’ve done a little windsurfing before, you’ll really enjoy this course. Led by our experienced team of RYA instructors, they’ll make your windsurfing faster and more fluid. This course runs for five days a week (in all centres) and aims at moving you up a gear with our “Fast-Forward” coaching technique. 

We’ll focus on perfecting your tacks and gybes, introducing you to the harness, and if time allows, we’ll look at techniques like beach starts. After completion, we’ll send you home with an RYA Level 2 Windsurf qualification. Not bad hey?
*Each half-day session is 2.5 to 3 hours long.

Intermediate Planing

  • Porto Heli: Paid for option*
  • Horto Pelion: Paid for option*
  • Vassiliki: Inclusive RYA Level 3 Windsurf course, (5 half days*)

Where to Go?

We’ll need a bit of breeze to get you planing, so although all our centres offer ‘planing conditions’ we recommend Vassiliki or Horto-Pelion if you want the best windsurf conditions and kit.

What to Expect 

This is when things start to really get exciting! You’ve experienced the first part of windsurfing and you can sail on all points in light winds, now it’s time to get your board planing. Big grins guaranteed!

You’ll be going out in stronger winds, working on faster tacks, using the harness and getting into the foot straps. We’ll even cover beach starting and carve gybes; getting you ready for blasting control!

* In these resorts, you can pay for private tuition to cover Level 3. 
* In Vassiliki, each half-day session is 2.5 to 3 hours long.

More on Intermediate Windsurf

Advanced Windsurfing

  • Porto Heli: Paid for option*
  • Horto Pelion: Paid for option*
  • Vassiliki: Inclusive RYA Level 4 Windsurf course, (5 half days*)

Where to Go?

You’ll need the very best conditions, so head to Vassiliki where the afternoon breeze gives blasting conditions almost every day. Also, try Horto-Pelion where a reliable Force 5 to 6 will fill in most days to offer great windsurfing. 

What to Expect 

Expect the best instructors and the best kit! If you’re a high-level intermediate with the ability to plane, or an expert looking for tips on tricks and more advanced moves - then our Pro-Am instructors will help push your limits. 

Advanced windsurfing is taught as a series of clinics using video analysis and RIB boats to support our coaching. We’ll help you master water starts, carve gybes and other skills like bump and jump, whilst taking requests for pretty much anything from carving to freestyle tricks. In Vassiliki, our advanced modules are free-and-inclusive, so we can send you home with an RYA Level 4 Advanced qualification. 

* In these resorts, you can pay for private tuition to cover Level 4. 
* In Vassiliki, each half-day session is 2.5 to 3 hours long. 

More on Advanced Windsurfing

Learn to Foil this Summer

If you can blast in footstraps and a harness, then you should be ready to learn to foil this summer. So hold on tight and experience the best thing to happen in the world of windsurfing! 

At Ocean Elements, we’re proud to be one of the first centres to be offering foiling windsurf courses, so join us at our specialist windsurf centre in Vassiliki and learn to foil on our new Starboard foiling boards. Our courses are run by our own foiling instructors.

More on Foiling

Take a Board Out, go Free-sailing!

If you can already windsurf then there’s no need to join a lesson unless you want to! Simply choose a board, let the beach staff know, they’ll help you rig the kit and you’re off. 

The beach is open from 9.30 each day until the last guest comes off the water. We also include free use of the very latest performance boards*, light weight rigs and sails from Severne.

*We stock the latest boards and sails (from the current year) in Vassiliki. In other resorts, (Horto-Pelion), our advanced kit is often last year’s (highest-end) kit which has moved down from Vass’, so still a very high standard!

Windsurfing for Kids

  • Kids Age 14+ can join our (free) adult lessons
  • Kids Clubs (4-13yrs): Free & Inclusive (all resorts)
  • Youth Squad (7-13yrs): £159 for 1 week |   £295 for 2 weeks

Kids from the age of 14 can join our free adult group lessons in all resorts. For the under 14’s we have a complimentary Kids Club (4-13) which offers sailing or windsurfing joy rides and tasters or fun in kayaks and paddleboards. 

If you want more dedicated coaching then your budding young sailors will love our Youth Squad as they’ll be windsurfing or sailing with a bunch of other youngsters each day. It follows the RYA Youth scheme, is for 8-13 year olds and can be booked for a supplement.

Not everyone has to join a club and children under 13 can head out with a competent parent or guardian. Older kids who love watersports (14+) can join our adult teaching sessions.

The Right Kit and Conditions

We use super-stable boards with lightweight rigs and smaller, more manageable sails. Our expert instructors are great with kids and will ensure that conditions are just right for maximum fun and learning so they have the best experience possible.

The Best Equipment!

You’ll find all the kit you could ever need in our well-stocked centres. All our Beach Clubs have a full range of kit, for all levels up to advanced, which has been selected to match the local conditions. 

We use leading brands like Starboard, Tushingham and Severne and have all types of board from super-stable beginner boards, easy going free-ride boards, to high-performance race, freestyle and wave boards from the current year.

All you need to bring are your board shorts and a rash vest. We’ll supply the rest!

View our Windsurf Equipment

Why we Include Group Lessons, for Free

We include group lessons in all our centres and we make them free to join because we understand that sharing good times on the water and meeting new friends in a group learning environment brings out the best in people - because learning and experiencing new things is fun!

Our lessons follow the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) syllabus and are grouped by ability. Our instructor/guest ratio is normally 1 to 6 and our safety standards are among the highest around. There’s no need to book a lesson before you travel, it’s all done at the Beach Club when you arrive, and availability is never an issue!

Simon Winkley Windsurf clinic

Simon Winkley is a top windsurfing coach, sponsored by Starboard and one of the UK’s most experienced and qualified coaches. He’s also a regular out in our Vassiliki Beach Club. 

He trains our staff to become the some of the best RYA Instructors, and he runs guest coaching weeks in June/July each year which cover every level except complete beginners and upper advanced.

Bookings are now open for these windy-season coaching weeks to our Surf hotel Beach Club in Vassiliki during 2018: Choose from 17-24 June, 24 June-1 July, or go for the 2-week deal

Call us for our latest prices

More on Windsurfing Clinics >

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