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Basic Skills Course - Cruising Level 2

Our Sail Cruising Level 2 course is the perfect follow-on course to Level 1; but you could jump straight onto Level 2 if you’ve done a little bit of dinghy sailing or yacht sailing before and you understand the basics of sailing. The Level 2 course runs over 2-3 days and you can take the course as a liveaboard (on our tuition yacht) or as a resident at our Beach Club. By the end of the course you will have done lots of sailing and have experienced steering a yacht, sail handling and practiced manoeuvres.

If you have limited prior experience, we recommend taking the Level 1 and 2 courses together as a complete week-long ‘Start Yachting’ course - whilst living aboard our tuition yacht. You will have an extra day to practice important yacht handling techniques and yacht manoeuvres. Holders of the Level 2 Sail Cruising certificate can go on to complete the RYA Competent Crew course in a reduced time of three days.

At a Glance

  • For ages: 10+ 
  • Pre course experience: None required*
  • Level 1 course: from £295 (2-3 days at our beach club)
  • Level 2 course: from £395 (2-3 days at our beach club)
  • Level 1 & 2 course: from £645 (1-week liveaboard yacht)
  • Level 2 counts towards: 2-days of a Competent Crew Course

*No real experience required, although preferable to have experience to Level 1 Cruising or Level 1 Dinghy Sailing 


Sail Cruising Level 2, ‘Basic Skills’ 

On completion of this course you will have a basic knowledge of sailing and be capable of sailing a yacht as a helm and crew with a skipper on board. It will build upon the skills gained in Level 1 and covers yacht handling and sailing skills in more detail with lots of practical sailing and boat handling practice. You will learn about manoeuvres on a yacht under sail and power, as both a crew member and helm. You will practice slipping and coming alongside, and learn about sailing theory and much more.

It is also a very useful course for improving the skills of an existing Competent Crew or Day Skipper to handle a yacht under sail and power.

To join Level 2, you will need to have done a little bit of yacht sailing or dinghy sailing before, (to the level of RYA Level 1 ‘Start’ dinghy sailing). Level 2 will count towards two days of a Competent Crew Course

Full Course Details

Price: £395 for Beach Club guests (2 days training)

Price: £645 for Combined Level 1 & 2 course (1 week, 5 days training)

Includes course completion certificate.
Pre-Course Experience Some prior sailing skills to the level of RYA Dinghy Level 1 or Start Sailing Level 1. 
Assumed Knowledge No assumed knowledge is required
Duration Level 2: A two day course (16 hours tuition on Beachclub yacht)
Level 1 & 2: A week long course (5 days tuition over 1 week - liveaboard tuition yacht)
Course Content
  • View the syllabus
  • Level 1 content of rigging, sailing techniques, manoeuvring and ropework in more depth
  • Greater emphasis on boat handling: Sailing techniques and manoeuvres as crew and helm, slipping and coming alongside under sail, sailing theory, safety, sailing in tide or current, anchoring
Ability after Course A basic knowledge of yacht sailing and be capable of sailing a yacht as crew and helm with a skipper on board in light winds.

Our Tuition Yacht

Our Bavaria 37 is the perfect cruiser for yacht training. She comes with our own RYA Yacht Master Instructor and is based in Vassiliki

Read More

Competent Crew course

The Competent Crew is the perfect follow-on course to Level 2 ‘Basic Skills’

Read More

Day Skipper course

With 100 sea miles in your log book, you could jump straight onto a Day Skipper course after your Level 2 ‘Basic Skills’

Read More

Combined ‘Level 1 & 2 Yacht Cruising’ course

You can combine the Cruising Level 1 with a Cruising Level 2 for a complete Start Yachting course. This complete course has 5 days of tuition and you can take it while living aboard our tuition yacht on a week-long holiday cruising around the Ionians. You can also take the course while staying at our Vassiliki Beach Club and joining the tuition yacht each day.

You don’t need any prior sailing experience to join our Level 1 course. It’s designed for complete newcomers and will equip you with the skills to sail a yacht as crew and helm with a skipper on board in light winds.

Pre-course Experience

You don’t need much in the way of prior sailing experience to join our Level 2 ‘Basic Skills’ course. It’s designed for relative newcomers to sailing - so if you’ve done a little dinghy sailing or yacht sailing before - and you understand the basics - you’ll get along fine!

Youngsters from the age of 10 are able to take their Level 1 and 2; and it’s a great course allowing families to learn together as we can teach a mix of courses on the same tuition boat. Young sailors will need sufficient strength to operate the yacht’s equipment. If not, then don’t worry, we can award a Youth Sailing Scheme certificate instead.

Combine a Course with a Flotilla Holiday

Our sailing courses can be paired with a second week on our flotilla (or bareboat charter) so you can get qualified in a week before putting into practice your newfound skills in week two.

We have chosen Vassiliki and the south Ionian to teach our courses because budding sailors can practice new techniques in reassuringly light winds in the mornings, while building skills and understanding as the breeze increases in the afternoons. Therefore, after getting to grips with core techniques in a benign environment earlier in the day, our graduates also get to hone their skills while handling stronger winds.



Book as a solo, a couple or a group

You can book onto a course as a solo, a couple or a family. Our tuition yacht will take up to 5 pupils, but we mostly run with 3 or 4 pupils to one instructor. You can choose to join the tuition yacht on a shared basis - by booking a cabin for the week - or you can book our tuition yacht and instructor privately for groups of 2-5 persons and cruise the Ionian as you learn in the sun.

We can teach Level 1 and 2 Cruising, Competent Crew and Day Skipper courses together and on the same yacht, so different abilities can learn at the same time.



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