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Skippered Yacht Charter

Take the pressure off with a skippered sailing holiday. Whether you're completely new to sailing and want to learn along the way; or a more experienced sailor looking for a helping hand and a chance to relax...

Skippered Sailing Holidays 

A skippered holiday lets you enjoy as much or as little sailing as you want, whilst giving you some good company and your own personal guide around the islands. Our skippers are sociable folk and they choose this way of life because (like us) they love sailing and mixing with sailors.

Our skippered yachts tend to follow our normal Ocean Elements Flotilla route, so you get the social benefits of a flotilla and to join in with our group meals when ashore. 

By special arrangement, after your sailing day has ended, (and whilst at anchor), your skipper can sleep on our lead boat giving family and friends some privacy for their downtime.

At a glance
  • Your own private skipper 
  • Learn to sail with your skipper…
  • …or just relax and do nothing!
  • From £150 per day
  • Skippers can sleep on the lead boat
  • Earn your Competent Crew or Day Skipper

How it works

Hire a skipper for the week and he or she will do all the sailing for you, or share the sailing with you if you’re keen to get involved. It’s up to you. You can do as much or as little sailing as you like. Their fee (below) is on top of our yacht cost. 

On arrival, (Sunday), our lead crew will show you to your yacht and how to work its domestic systems so you can spend the night aboard, alone. Your skipper will join you on Monday morning at about 9 am. If they are sleeping aboard, you’ll need to provide them with a cabin and allow for them in your provisioning, (breakfast, lunch and dinner) or your group meal when eating ashore.

They’ll be with you all day, for six days, and by special arrangement, they can leave your yacht in the early evening (after sailing and if the anchorage allows) to sleep on the lead boat at night. That way, you can enjoy some private downtime with friends and family.

Skipper (from £)
Lefkas (flotilla or bareboat)
Athens (delivery route)


  • Skippers are in strong demand so book yours well in advance
  • You will need to provision for your skipper and allow for them when eating ashore.
  • To book a skipper, give us a call on 0844 770 40 70

What to expect...

Your skipper will be responsible for your yacht and we think it works best when you, as crew, assist them with mooring and other aspects of sailing. This way, (if you choose), you can learn a lot as you sail.

Our skippers are friendly, well qualified and very experienced. They’re keen to impart knowledge and are sociable folk who will be with you all day, (maybe not at night), helping you have a wonderful holiday guiding you around the islands.

They’re not instructors but they can provide local knowledge and sailing expertise to help you understand the basics of sailing during your week away. 

Booking a skipper will mean that you can charter a yacht with no experience or qualifications whatsoever, and it’s a great way to learn and get a fun and sociable introduction to sailing.

Learn to sail

Booking a skipper will mean that you’ll be able to charter a boat with no experience or qualifications. It’s a great way to learn and have an introduction to sailing, whilst having all the fun and experiences of Greek island cruising along the way.

Skippers will give you a great introduction to sailing and can teach you some of their ways but if you are looking for a beginner sailing, or beginner skippers qualification then why not consider Ocean Elements yacht sailing courses, either on a two week Stay Sail at the Surf Hotel or aboard our fully coded charter yacht, which comes with an instructor for private rental or shared bookings (by the cabin).

Chartering larger yachts

We always recommend skippers for our larger yachts (50 ft plus) as a capable pair of hands on board to help and assist you with all aspects of sailing. 

Booking a skipper will mean that you will be able to charter a boat with no experience or qualifications. It is a great way to learn and have an introduction to sailing!

To charter a yacht in Greece requires the skipper to have some previous sailing experience and preferably a Day Skipper or Keelboat Level 2 qualification or an ICC assessment (International certificate of Competence).

More on Qualifications

Book a Skipper - 50% offer

Book a skipper for the weeks of July 7, July 14, July 28, Aug 11, Aug 25, Sept 1; for a special offer of 50% off! Normally £875 per week; now only £437.50

This boat can come with our 50% off Skipper Offer, which is £437 for the week instead of £875! A skipper is a great idea - whether you’re a beginner sailor, or a more experienced skipper - looking for an extra pair of hands to help.

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