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Advanced Windsurfing

If you’re an advanced windsurfer, we’ve got a lot in store for you! Perhaps you’re looking for tips on tricks and advanced moves or you’d like to nail waterstarts or the infamous Carve Gybe? Rest assured, whatever your desire – we’ve got you covered!

We’ve got all the latest gear and all the tuition you’ll ever need at our centres. Try our Specialist Windsurf Centre, Hotel Surf in Vassiliki and our Akti Beach in Kos for some of the best windsurf conditions in Europe. Also try Hotel Leda in Horto Pelion for some great blasting conditions too.

As an advanced sailor you’ll be able to ‘free-sail’ all our great kit all week; there’s plenty of it to go around and we have the latest generation of kit and even foiling boards and instructors to boot.

The essentials

RYA Level 4 ‘Advanced Windsurfing’ 

  • RYA Level 4 Modules - £99
  • 8-10 hours tuition over 2-4 days
  • Available: Vassiliki & Kos
  • Carve Gybe
  • Advanced Carving
  • Waterstarts
  • Bump & Jump & more
  • Book before you depart (recommended) or on arrival 

Our Level 4 course is made up of clinics. Our clinics can be taken separately (in private lessons) or as part of a full-blown RYA Level 4 advanced course. We use our Ocean Elements’ ‘Fast Forward’ coaching principles and operate 4 to 6 students per group. 

You will be taught skills like; advanced planing techniques, the waterstart and infamous planing gybe. Other skills are taught such as bump and jump, (if time allows), and we will also take requests. This course, (or any of the individual clinics), will suit a competent intermediate who has the ability to sail in footstraps and harness, in planing conditions. 

We often use video analysis and always have RIB boats to support our coaching with on-shore training simulators and the very latest boards and sails from this season.

*In Kos, Level 4 courses are only bookable on arrival as they require a minimum of 4 participants. If take-up is low, you can take Level 4 skills as private lessons. We will always do the best we can to accommodate.

Where’s best for Advanced?

You’ll need a bit of breeze to plane your board, so although all our Beach Clubs offer ‘planing conditions’ it’s best to visit Surf hotel in Vassiliki, Akti Beach in Kos or Hotel Leda in Horto-Pelion.

The Surf Hotel in Vassiliki is our Specialist Windsurf Centre and has all the best kit and tuition, including foiling boards. Akti Beach and Akti Palace in Kos also have good stocks of advanced kit (more than you should need) and foiling boards too. Hotel Leda in Horto Pelion is great for advanced conditions. It isn’t quite as well stocked for kit, but there’s still enough great boards for you to use.

Try Windsurf Foiling

We can offer you the exciting chance to learn to foil at Surf Hotel in Vassiliki and Akti Beach and Akti Palace in Kos. If you’re a competent intermediate and you want to experience this incredible ‘new-wave’ of windsurfing then join our very experienced RYA foiling instructors – it’s an experience you won’t forget and our guys will make it easy and safe for you to learn.

We offer a free ‘Intro to Foiling’ course which is a shore-based course run by our own RYA foiling instructor, to help you understand the basics and learn to rig and set up the kit.

More on Windsurf Foiling

Top notch instructors

Over the last ten years, we’ve taught thousands of guests to learn to windsurf and sail. It’s our energetic, top notch team of British RYA instructors that make it all so great! They run sociable group learning sessions with a priority on fast progression and fun, using the Ocean Elements ‘Fast Forward’ learning principles. All our centres have the right conditions and kit to enable fast progression and we love teaching people to windsurf. After all, it’s what we do best and perhaps why we scored 98% ‘Excellent’ from our client surveys from 2018.

Our friendly team of British instructors are all fully qualified RYA (Royal Yachting Association) professionals. We pick our staff for their friendly and outgoing natures and they’re always on hand to help you rig up, get launched and teach you some tips - whether you’re in, or outside of a lesson. They love to share the knowledge and talk about their favourite subject.

Private tuition

Our holidays include enough tuition to get you started. However, you may prefer some extra, more focused, private tuition to take alongside (or instead of) a full RYA course. ‘Privates’, as we call them, will help you focus on a specific technique – from nailing your first turn as a beginner, or more progressive skills like beachstarts or carve gybes. Privates start at £34 per hour with support boat cover.

What to wear and bring

  • Wear shorts you can get wet 
  • Wear a quick dry T-shirt or Rash Vest (can buy these locally from us)
  • Do wear sunglasses (can buy an elasticated band, locally from us)
  • Do wear plenty of sun cream
  • Some sailors wear a sun hat or cap for extra protection.
  • No need for wetsuits - the water is very warm - even in May!
  • We supply buoyancy aids and helmets for kids
Top tip:

We sell sailing gloves, rash vests, quick dry T-Shirts, sunglasses bands at all our centres

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