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Advanced Dinghy Sailing

Expert sailors will have plenty to get the pulse racing at all our centres with a top-notch range of high-performance boats and thermal winds that switch on like clockwork each day to provide exciting conditions.

We offer free Level 4 tuition and advanced clinics in Porto Heli, (our Specialist Sailing Centre), and also in Vassiliki and Kos. Whether you choose to take a lesson or not, you’ll be able to free-sail any of our great boats all week; and our beach team will be on hand to help you rig-up and get launched. They’re always on the beach for tips, advice and organising daily races and Sail Away cruising events to keep everyone engaged.

All our Sailing Courses

Our Sailing Dinghies

Try Foiling - It's Free!

The essentials

  • Free: Level 4 lessons in Porto Heli: 2 x 2hr lessons
  • Free Level 4 clinics in Vassiliki & Kos: 3 x 1hr sessions
  • Dinghy regattas and racing in all centres
  • Sail Away Dinghy Cruising in all centres
  • Free SailFoiling Tasters in Porto Heli, Vassiliki & Kos
  • The very best RYA teaching standards
  • Lots of great boats for you to sail

Sailing for Experts

If you’re an expert sailor, a keen club racer or you want to master advanced techniques like sailing with spinnakers or stepping up into a performance skiff or a foiling machine for the first time; then we’ve got a lot to get excited about!  

We offer free advanced lessons and clinics in Porto Heli which include Level 4 modules like sailing with spinnakers, racing and performance sailing. I other centres, you can take these modules in our private lessons. We also organise daily racing and free SailFoiling Taster sessions so you can sample this great new-wave of sailing and a full RYA ‘First Flight’ course from only £99.

Freesail our great boats

If you can already sail, then you’ll be able to 'free sail' any of our dinghies all week, including performance boats from brands like RS, which we have at all our centres. We also have foiling boats and free ‘Intro to Foiling’ tasters.

Simply choose a dinghy, let the beach team know and head out into our sailing area. Our water sports centre is open each day from 9.30am until the last guest comes off the water and it’ll remain open over lunch, so you can sail non-stop if you want to!

If you’re looking for the best kit and tuition then we’d recommend Nautica bay in Porto Heli (our Specialist Sailing Centre); or the Surf Hotel in Vassiliki. Do check out Akti Beach in Kos and Hotel Leda in Horto-Pelion for some great wind conditions!

View our Sailing Dinghies

RYA Level 4 ‘Advanced Sailing’

  • Free Level 4 lessons (on-the-water) in Porto Heli: 2 x 2hr lessons
  • Free Advanced clinics in Vassiliki & Kos : 3 x 1hr sessions
  • Further advanced tuition is better taken as private lessons
  • Modules covered:
    Sailing with Spinnakers
    Performance Sailing
    Seamanship Skills
    Start Racing
  • RYA SailFoiling: Free Taster lesson (all centres, except Pelion)

Our Level 4 course is a shorter but more focussed Ocean Elements course, which fast tracks to the gritty detail of skills like: Sailing with Spinnakers, Seamanship, ‘Start Racing’ rules and Performance Sailing. This course will suit a competent intermediate who has done 4+ weeks sailing. On arrival, we will take requests and listen to our Level 4 pupils’ requirements to tailor a course to suit the group.

All our centres offer great wind conditions for expert sailors with a daily programme of racing and regattas. We also include SailFoiling (and free tasters) in Porto Heli, Vassiliki and Kos.

Sailing with Spinnakers

We will cover an introduction to sailing with spinnakers in our Level 3 lessons in all our centres and in Porto Heli we will have a more in-depth look at asymmetric spinnaker sailing. Our clinics (in all centres) will focus on hoisting, gybing, dropping the spinnaker, the best course downwind and how to recover from a capsize.

Performance Sailing

We will cover an introduction to Performance Sailing in our Level 3 lessons in all our centres and in Porto Heli we will have a more in-depth look at this module. This clinic aims to help you to sail faster and more efficiently in all conditions. To help you get the boat planing and with better performance at all angles, upwind and off wind. 


We run daily racing and mini-regattas in all our clubs, for all levels (beginner and up) to join throughout the week. We will cover the basic rules in our free daily lessons and always before a race. It’s an ideal chance to get started in dinghy racing.

The daily races are very sociable and light-hearted, and we generally run a bigger mid-week and end-of-week regatta for class boats like the Laser fleet and handicap racing for mixed fleets. It’s all about taking part and having fun, (with prizes too!). A great chance to show your competitive side!

Try Sail Foiling!

Try this new-wave of sailing this summer! We offer a free ‘Intro to Foiling’ taster session for intermediate sailors in our Porto Heli, Vassiliki and Kos centres. It’s run by our own foiling instructors, promises to be a lot of fun and is designed to help you understand the basics and have a taster session in one of these flying machines.

If you’re a competent intermediate sailor, comfortable with blast reaching a Laser, you will be ready to foil this summer. We also offer the RYA ‘First Flight’ course and ‘Sustained Flight’ course, for more in-depth learning which is generally run over two days.

More on Foiling

Dinghy Cruising

Discover the adventurous world of dinghy cruising whilst on holiday with us. We will offer you the opportunity to take part in our dinghy cruises and enjoy the feeling of longer-distance sailing as you cruise in company to a nearby island or ‘secret-beach’ stopover with instructors and RIB support boats to guide the flotilla.

DInghy cruises generally take place at the middle of the week and they involve all craft from single and double handed boats to family boats with a few crew. So choose your vessel and pick your crew, sign up and get involved! 

You will learn about cruise planning, safety and basic navigation along with long distance sailing skills to give you a taste for this truly inspirational past-time. The flotilla will often cruise to another island for a mid-morning stopover, to enjoy a swim or a coffee and ice cream. 

Available in all our centres: Half to 3/4 day.

Where’s best for Experts?

All of our Beach Clubs offer ideal conditions for advanced sailors. The mornings are great for practicing advanced techniques like spinnaker handling while the winds are calm. In all resorts, the afternoon's thermal winds will switch on like clockwork every day to offer a reliable breeze:

  • Porto Heli: Force 3-4 (F1-2 morning)
  • Horto-Pelion: Force 3-5 (F1-2 morning)
  • Vassiliki: Force 3-7 (F1-2 morning)
  • Kos: Force 3-7 (F1-3 morning)

If you’re looking for the best kit and tuition then we’d recommend our Specialist Sailing Centre, Nautica bay in Porto Heli, or the Surf Hotel in Vassiliki. But do check out Akti Beach in Kos and Hotel Leda in Horto-Pelion for some of the best wind conditions in Greece.

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