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Yacht & Sail Training Courses

Why not get qualified with Ocean Elements this summer? We offer courses for crew, beginner skippers and skippers with experience, on our training yacht in Vassiliki. Learning in the sun is fun and more relaxing and you can join a course as a solo booker, a couple or a group - and book the tuition yacht privately if you want. Most pupils take our courses while staying at our Beach Club on a Stay Sail, but you can also live aboard the yacht for a week (when booking the yacht privately) and cruise the Ionian with your instructor, while you learn.

We teach the International Yacht Training syllabus (IYT) because - unlike other qualifications - we can fast track beginners to gain a Flotilla Skippers’ license without any prior sailing experience. This way, you can go on to skipper your own yacht in week two of a Stay Sail holiday. Our ‘continual assessment’ method of learning makes it more enjoyable and fairer on candidates, with no stressful exam at the end.


International Crew Course

International Flotilla Skipper

International Bareboat Skipper

Qualifications required

To hire a yacht anywhere abroad, either on bareboat or flotilla, with us or another operator then you will need some prior experience and an appropriate qualification. At least two of you will need to be over 18 years old and have sailed before.

Fortunately, we’re able to help you achieve a skippers qualification - whether you’re an experienced sailor with no ‘piece of paper’ to prove your skills or a complete newbie to yachting with no prior experience.

Accepted qualifications:

  • The International Yacht Training (IYT) Flotilla Skipper or Bareboat Skipper certificate: Either of these qualifications are accepted and you can take either course with us in just 5 days, (even if you have no prior experience). The Bareboat Skipper course suits those with some experience (200 miles) and also gives you an IYT-ICC at the end (International Certificate of Competence).
  • RYA Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper, Keelboat Level 2 qualification.
  • An International Certificate of Competence (ICC).
    The ICC assessment can be done as a half-day session in the UK. Or, if you take the IYT Bareboat Skippers course with us we will automatically provide you with an IYT-ICC certificate.

If you don't have any qualifications:

If you don't have the necessary paperwork or level of experience, then one of our Stay Sail holidays might be your best option. Even if you have no prior experience, we can have you trained up in a week and ready to skipper your own yacht on our Flotilla for week two. We can train skippers with experience too, and our Bareboat Skipper course is a worldwide recognised qualification for yacht charter.

Our courses work best on a Stay Sail at our Beach club, like the Surf hotel in Vassiliki. In week one you can join our training yacht which trains all three courses together: International Crew Training, Flotilla Skipper and Bareboat Skipper courses. A training yacht with pupils doing a mix of the three works very well. We can also offer private training yacht charter if you are a group or family.


About us

Ocean Elements is a fully recognised Training School by the RYA and has been since 2010 for our Beach Clubs. We also offer our expertise in the world of yachting, for which we have chosen to operate under the International Yacht Training (IYT) scheme because it has a comprehensive, ‘no-nonsense’ syllabus, with everything you really need to know to skipper yachts. It also allows us to operate a ‘continual assessment’ method of teaching, so you have no nasty exams at the end.

The IYT is recognised and supported by the MCA (Maritime Coastguard Agency) and certificates are accepted worldwide for charter. It’s a lifetime qualification and certificates are renewable every 5 years with IYT for $80.

We are partnered with Seatrips ltd, a registered IYT sailing school who’ve put many hundreds of pupils through yacht training over the years. Their top instructor will be aboard the Ocean Elements Training yacht operating out of Vassiliki, close to our Surf Hotel Beach Club.

Will I definitely pass?

At Ocean Elements we love introducing new people to sailing and yachting. It’s our mission to ensure that every one of our pupils - be they total newcomers to sailing or more experienced - pass the course in a week so they get to skipper their own yacht for the first time, in week two.

Passing the course is within everyone’s capabilities so long as you are willing to listen and learn. We have not had to fail anyone yet, and nor do we intend to. If skippers need a little extra coaching on certain topics, then that can be covered in extra time, (by special arrangement).

The continual assessment nature of our course makes it easier on pupils; and even the end-of-course exam (approx 20 minutes of set questions) is made easier by the fact that if you get it wrong, it will not necessarily fail you but go out to the group for open discussion. The emphasis is on learning. Not failing.

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