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Windsurfing Intermediate Planing

This is when windsurfing starts to really get exciting! You’ve experienced the first part of our sport and you can sail on all points, in light winds – so now it’s time to get ready for planing. Big grins are assured!

You’ll need a bit of breeze to plane your board, so although all our Beach Clubs offer ‘planing conditions’ it’s best to visit Vassiliki or Horto-Pelion if you want more reliable winds and use of the best kit.

With our expert instructors, an excellent level of kit and the warm, waist-deep water and reliable winds - progression through this level is made all the easier. You’ll get to go home with an RYA Level 3 certificate at the end of your stay; some real bragging material for your friends back home!

Our Intermediate Planing Course

Vassiliki is ideal for taking part in this course and we offer it as a free and inclusive five half-day course which follows the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) syllabus. So, you’ll finish it with an internationally recognised qualification.

Not sure about visiting Vassiliki? Then don’t worry, Intermediate Planing modules can also be delivered through private lessons in Horto Pelion and Porto Heli from £41/hr. 

  • RYA Intermediate Planing course: Free in Vassiliki (paid for elsewhere)
  • Duration: 5 days, 2.5 to 3 hrs/day
  • Free for Guests: age 14+ (all levels of fitness!)
  • Under 13’s: can join our free Kids Club with water sports tasters. 
  • 8-13 year olds: Can join Youth Squad for dedicated RYA coaching (paid for)
  • Group Size: Normally 8-12 persons and a 6:1 student/instructor ratio
  • Course content: faster tacks, use of the harness and getting in the foot straps, will get you ready for the excitement of blasting control
  • Ability after course: You’ll be able to sail on all points in stronger winds, using beachstarts and faster tacking and gybing.

About the Course

Led by our highly experienced team of RYA instructors and run in sociable group sessions, this great course runs for five days a week (in Vassiliki) and aims at building your confidence in stronger winds, perfecting your tacks and gybes and (the holy grail) getting you planing on your board! We’ll also look at techniques like beachstarts if you can bear to tear yourself away from blasting your board!

You’ll start with some shore-based theory, but most of its out on the water where you’ll learn to windsurf in stronger winds - so sessions generally start in the late morning - when the breeze builds.

Ability After the Course

After a successful five days’ you’ll be able to sail on all points in a variety of conditions using faster tacks and the harness, giving you a true feeling of just how exhilarating this sport can be. As you progress through this level, you will also be able to use the foot straps and understand the beginnings of a carve gybe. And remember you’ll also get an internationally recognised RYA Level 3 qualification to prove your new skill.

Who Can Join In?

You should be able to sail on all points of sailing in light wind and have started an introduction to harness work and use of foot straps to join this course. As a general guide, you will have done about two weeks of windsurfing previously.

Where Can I do My Planing Course?

You’ll need to visit Vassiliki to join this free five-day course, but Horto-Pelion and Porto Heli also offer planing conditions (on most days) but you’ll need private tuition (£41/hr) if you want a lesson at this level.

Visit Porto Heli >

Visit Horto-Pelion >

Visit Vassiliki >


Start Windsurfing:
2.5-3hrs/5 days

Teaching the basics of windsurfing using the right equipment.


2.5-3hrs/5 days 

We'll introduce new equipment and techniques such as beach starts, fast tacks and the harness. All in preparation for high wind blasting!

2.5-3hrs/5 days

This course builds on all your skills to get the board planing and emphasises technique for blasting control; getting your feet in the foot straps and an introduction to the carve gybe. Beach starts may be taught in this course or as a separate clinic.

2.5-3hrs/5 days

Focus on planing techniques, water starts, carve gybes, bump and jump, basic freestyle and more. Help, tips and advice is on hand from our resident advanced-level and pro-am instructors. 

Age 13+ yrs 

What to Wear and Bring

  • Wear shorts you can get wet 
  • Wear a quick dry T-shirt or Rash Vest (can buy these locally from us)
  • Do wear sunglasses (can buy an elasticated band, locally from us)
  • Do wear plenty of sun cream
  • Some sailors wear a sun hat or cap for extra protection.
  • No need for wetsuits - the water is very warm - even in May!
  • We supply buoyancy aids and helmets for kids.

Top tip:
We sell sailing gloves, rash vests, quick dry T-Shirts, sunglasses bands at all our centres

A Great Team of RYA Instructors

Our very own team of British instructors are fully qualified by the RYA (Royal Yachting Association). Many of them return a second or third year… and some have done more, so they know many guests well. 

We pick them for their friendly and outgoing natures, and they’re always on hand to help you rig up and get launched, and teach you some tips, either inside or out of a lesson. They love to share knowledge and talk about their favourite subject - that’s windsurfing or sailing we hope – so do tap them for advice… after all its what we’re there for. 

Our instructors love teaching because it’s their chosen profession and they’re pretty-darn good at it – just look at our 5* reviews! They basically play an active role both on and off the beach, in all parts of your holiday, and always in an unobtrusive way.

Private Tuition

Our holidays include more than enough tuition to get you up and started on a windsurf board or boat. However, you may prefer some private tuition to top-up your free lessons or to help focus on a specific technique or skill.

Our instructors can tailor a lesson or a course of lessons to suit your requirements. We can offer discounted rates for one-on-two.

  • • One hour Private Lesson 1 to 1 (Beginner to Advanced) £41/hr 
  • • One hour Private Lesson 1 to 1 (Beginner to Advanced) £40/2hrs
  • • One hour Private Lesson 1 to 2 (Beginner to Advanced) £64/hr 
  • • One hour Private Lesson 1 to 2 (Beginner to Advanced) £86/2hrs

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