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Foiling Windsurfing Holidays

Hold fast! If you’re an intermediate windsurfer and you’re staying at our Vassiliki and Kos Beach Clubs this summer, you’ll be given the opportunity to try WindFoiling in our free Foiling Taster sessions with our expert instructors. 

Foiling is a magical experience. The feeling of flying over the water on a specially made foiling board at fast speeds will have you grinning from ear to ear. If you’re a competent intermediate and you can blast in foot straps, (Level 3 RYA), you’ll be ready to try foiling this summer.

We have the latest foiling boards from Starboard and if you like our free taster session you can step up and take our First Flight course for a specially discounted guest-only price of £99!


Foiling with Ocean Elements

At a Glance


Free Foiling Taster

If you’re an intermediate (Level 3 RYA) standard and you’re staying in Kos or Vassiliki this summer then you’ll be offered the chance to try foiling in a free Taster Session with our expert instructors. It’s a 1 to 1.5 hour session designed to give you a taster of this incredible sport. You will start with some onshore theory to go through launching and landing procedures, as well as pumping and take off. Then you’ll head out on the water in RIB boats with an instructor in a small group of 3-4 pupils.

You’ll be connected by two-way radios so your instructor can lead you through the steps of taking your first flight. The group sessions make it fun as you share the experience and learn from each other.

The Latest Foiling Boards

We’ve made foiling as achievable as possible for Intermediate windsurfers by using the best kit from Starboard and the finest tuition from our own foiling instructors. 

Our range of easy-flight boards are dedicated foiling boards and not boards adapted to take foils. They help promote sustained flight and limit mistakes with features like extra ‘scoop’ in the nose to prevent bad landings. 

Our foiling kit is generally prioritised for use on our First Flight courses and within our free taster sessions. If you already have a First Flight certificate you may free-sail our foiling equipment as local conditions allow.

RYA First Flight Course

This is the first course in the RYA WindFoil scheme, providing you with a basic introduction to foiling, how to take off and glide, as well as provide you with basic foiling knowledge. During this course, you should achieve your first flight and learn the basic theory of foiling. 

The session lasts 3-4 hours and is run by our expert foiling instructors. You will start with some onshore theory before heading out on the water with your instructor who will be in a support RIB nearby. You will be connected by two-way radios so your instructor can lead you through the steps of getting airborne.

We like to run the course in groups of 3-4, so pupils can rest in the support RIB while others take a turn. This way, the group can share-the-knowledge and learn faster.

Sustained Flight Course

The gear: Starboard foiling boards

Experience: First Flight certificate

Where:  Kos & Vassiliki

Cost: £249 (12 hrs)

This 12-hour course is generally run over two days. This course is designed to increase your confidence and ability to handle a foil and maintain control. You will start to feel more confident in techniques to steer and sustain foiling effectively. Assumed ability on starting this course will be of First Flights or above. 

Bookable in resort, but do express an interest in the course on booking or by using your ‘My Holiday’ client area.

The Foil 122

The Foil 122 is a leading foiling board. It’s thin for maximum foil control, with 100% sharp rail edges for early planing and a clean water release even when touching down. It is designed purely as a foil board. This helps to give the board more control, more performance and makes it more forgiving to foil compared to using a classic freeride windsurf board.

The Foil 147

Is a more balanced and stable foil board with a wider outline and a wider tail for more power and stability. The 95 cm wide outline coupled with a wide tail gives you a super-efficient shape that planes up early and gives you a high degree of control and leverage over the foil. The 241 cm length and scooped nose makes the board forgiving when dropping off the foil and helps the board take off again.

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