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Windsurfing Tuition

Whether you’re a tentative beginner stepping onto a board for the first time, or you’ve got your sights set on mastering the infamous carve gybe - then rest assured we’ve got all the kit and all the tuition you’ll ever need. Our expert team of Royal Yachting Association (RYA) instructors will be on hand, all week to help you in any way they can.

We provide a daily programme of free-and-inclusive lessons for beginners and Improvers, up to Intermediate level for windsurfing and sailing. If you’re a complete beginner then make use of our comprehensive ‘Start Windsurfing’ and ‘Start Sailing’ booster lesson, (which is also free) and will equip you with the necessary skills to free-sail our boards and boats all week. As well as our free daily lessons - you can top-up with an RYA course (Levels 1-4) to get even more focussed tuition, and to work towards a level of the RYA syllabus by the end of your stay. From only £69 for 10-12 hours of tuition we reckon they’re pretty good value at only £6.90 an hour!
At a glance
  • Free Start Windsurf Lessons
  • Free Daily Lessons (Improver)
  • Free Daily Lessons (Intermediate)
  • Free Daily Lessons (Advanced)
  • RYA Level 1 Start Windsurf course
  • RYA Level 2 Improver course
  • RYA Level 3 & 4 Inter’ & Advanced
  • Free: WindFoiling Tasters!

Free ‘Start Windsurfing’ Lessons

  • Comprehensive Beginner Windsurfing Lesson (3 hrs)
  • Available at all centres

If you’ve never set foot on a windsurf board before, now’s your chance to learn! Our ‘Start Windsurfing’ lesson is a comprehensive session designed to boost complete beginners and give you the skills needed to ‘free sail’ our great range of boards all week (in light conditions) and join our free programme of daily lessons for Improvers.

We’ll start you off with a short, shore-based introduction on a windsurfing simulator and very soon after you’ll be on your own board, setting off in warm waters and a light morning breeze.  It’s an exciting time (even life changing for some guests!) and most of you will be windsurfing back and forth around a simple course after your first morning with us. 

You should then be equipped with the skills to ‘free-sail’ our boards (on your own) for the rest of the week. Our beach team will always be on hand to help you rig and get launched whenever you choose to sail (in beach opening hours) and our safety-support boats will always be on hand when you head out. 

If you would like more tuition, then join our free programme of daily lessons for Improvers or an RYA course for more focussed tuition and smaller learning groups; and get an RYA certificate at the end of your stay!

*Lessons are free, but do pre-book your spaces before you travel, which is easy to do. They’ll take place on day one or day two of your holiday.

Free Daily Windsurfing Lessons

  • Free: Daily Lessons - ‘Improver’ - 5 x 1-1.5hrs
  • Free: Daily Lessons - ‘Intermediate’ - 5 x 1-1.5hrs
  • Free: Daily Lessons - ‘Advanced Clinics’ - 5 x 1-1.5hrs
  • Available: All centres
  • No need to book, join up on arrival

If you’ve done a little windsurfing before, then you’re going to enjoy our free-and-inclusive programme of windsurf lessons. They run daily, (in the morning and afternoons), for beginners and Intermediates with some advanced clinics too. So just sign up when you arrive and jump on a lesson (or join all the lessons!) as you choose.

We’ll cover how to windsurf to a chosen point and return to where you started from in light winds. We'll also cover rigging of kit, launching and landing and a little bit of theory to bring it all nicely together. We’ll also do some more progressive techniques like beach starts and first gybes.

For ages 14+. Under 13's can join our free daily kid's club with sailing and windsurfing tasters, The 8-12's can join our Youth Squad for dedicated RYA tuition.


RYA Level 1 ‘Start Windsurfing’ course

  • RYA Level 1 course – £69
  • 8-10 hours tuition* over 2-4 days (equivalent to £6.90 per hr!)
  • Available: All Centres
  • Ocean Elements ‘Fast Forward’ Learning groups
  • Small group sizes: (6 pupils max)
  • Book before you depart or on arrival
  • Ability after the course: Able to sail in light winds

You can opt for some more focussed tuition, (to add to our daily programme of free tuition), and work towards a level of the RYA syllabus. These courses run in smaller group sizes and follow the Ocean Elements Fast Forward coaching technique. Afterwards, you’ll have earned a new RYA sailing qualification and made some great sailing friends along the way.

it’s a very practical course and almost all of it is enjoyed on-the-water with lots of windsurfing in fair conditions. By the end of it, you’ll have learned how to sail confidently to a chosen point and back, in light winds, and shared some great times on the water with fellow guests. We'll also cover rigging, launching and recovery. For ages 14+. Under 13's can join our free kid's club (5 days) with sailing and windsurfing tasters. The 8-13's can join our Youth Squad for focussed tuition

*The paid-for element of this course is 8-9 hours and will follow on from our free 3-hour ‘Start Windsurfing’ booster lesson which you’ll need to attend. Log books are extra.

More on windsurfing for beginners

RYA Level 2 ‘Non Planing’ course

  • RYA Level 2 course – £79
  • Available: All Centres
  • 8-10 hours tuition* over 2-4 days (equivalent to £7.90 per hr!)
  • Ocean Elements ‘Fast Forward’ Learning groups
  • Small group sizes: (6 pupils max)
  • Book before you depart or on arrival
  • Ability after the course: Confident sailor - getting you ready for BLAST control.

Level 2 provides more focussed tuition which joins up nicely with our daily programme of free tuition. It’ll help you take things a step further and earn you an RYA Windsurfing 2 certificate. Courses are run by our own expert team of RYA instructors and by the end of it, you'll be a confident sailor and able to sail on all points in stronger winds, using beachstarts and faster tacking and gybing.

We’ll cover new techniques such as the foot-strap and harness work to get you ready for the excitement of blasting control and PLANING which is taught in Level 3. Beachstarts and gybing are taught within this course if time allows. This great course prepares you for Level 3 and planing the board (where the serious fun begins!). Min age 14+. For ages 14+. Under 13's can join our free kid's club (5 days) with sailing and windsurfing tasters. The 8-13's can join our Youth Squad for focussed tuition.

More on Windsurfing for improvers

RYA Level 3 ‘Planing’ course

  • RYA Level 1 course – £79
  • Available: All Centres
  • 8-10 hours tuition* over 2-4 days (equivalent to £7.90 per hr!)
  • Ocean Elements ‘Fast Forward’ Learning groups
  • Small group sizes: (6 pupils max)
  • Book before you depart or on arrival
  • Ability after the course: A confident stronger wind sailor, using faster tacks, the harness and foot straps for PLANING!

Level 3 provides additional, more focussed tuition and joins up nicely with our daily programme of free tuition. Level 3 is when Windsurfing starts to get really exciting! The ultimate feeling of when we get the board PLANING! By the end of the course, you'll be able to sail on all points in stronger winds using beachstarts, faster tacks and the harness for planing. As you progress through this level, you’ll be using the foot straps and start to understand the beginnings of the carve gybe

For ages 14+. Under 13's can join our free kid's club (5 days) with sailing and windsurfing tasters. The 8-13's can join our Youth Squad for focussed tuition


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RYA Level 4 ‘Advanced Windsurfing’

  • Complete ‘Level 4 course’ - £99 (10-12 hrs)
  • RYA Level 4 Clinics - £99 (8-10 hrs)
  • Carve Gybe
  • Advanced Carving
  • Waterstarts
  • Bump & Jump & more
  • RYA WindFoiling: Free Taster lesson
  • Available: Vassiliki & Kos

We deliver advanced tuition either as separate, more focussed clinics or as part of a ‘Complete Level 4 course’ which aims to combine several advanced modules together, so pupils can understand a broader spectrum of skills. On arrival, we will listen to our Level 4 pupils and tailor a course to suit the group.

Our Complete Level 4 course is a special Ocean Elements course, which fast tracks to the gritty detail of skills like: advanced planing techniques, the waterstart and the infamous planing gybe. Other skills are taught such as bump and jump, if time allows. This course will suit a competent intermediate who has done 3-4 weeks windsurfing and is planing in footstraps. 

We often use video analysis and always have RIB boats to support our coaching with on-shore training simulators and the very latest boards and sails from this season.

All our centres offer great wind conditions for expert sailor with a daily racing programme and foiling Vassiliki & Kos. Level 4 is bookable before you depart or on arrival.


Try Foiling

  • FREE: ‘Intro to Foiling’ taster (1-1.5 hr)
  • ‘First Flight’ course (£99) 3-4 hrs
  • ‘Sustained Flight’ course (£299) 16 hrs
  • Available: Vassiliki & Kos
  • For ages 14+ good intermediate
  • How to Book: See below

We offer a FREE ‘Intro to Foiling’ taster session for intermediate sailors in Vassiliki & Kos. It’s run by our own RYA WindFoiling instructors, designed to help you understand the basics and have a taster session on one of these flying machines.

We also offer the RYA ‘First Flight’ course and ‘Sustained Flight’ course, a more in-depth 16-hour course - generally run over two full days. 

If you’re a competent Intermediate Planing windsurfer, our guys will have you grinning from ear to ear. It’s an experience you won’t forget, and we will make it easy and safe for you to learn, using support RIB boats and bluetooth radios to communicate with your instructor in the RIB nearby.

How to book:

Book your First Flight and Sustained Flight courses before you depart (recommended) or you can book on arrival, but we recommend registering an interest before departure using your ‘My Holiday’ portal. Free taster lessons are only bookable on arrival and availability is very good. All courses will run dependent on conditions.


The very best Instructors

Our friendly team of British instructors are all fully qualified RYA (Royal Yachting Association) professionals. We pick them for their friendly and outgoing natures and because (like us) they have sea air in their blood! 

You can trust them to look after you, they are experts at teaching all standards to sail (not just the beginners). They’ll be on hand all day to help rig and launch boats for free-sailors, teach our daily lessons and give advice, tips and guidance - whether you are in a lesson or not!

Private Tuition

Our holidays include daily tuition for beginners and intermediates. However, you may prefer some extra, more focused tuition, either as a ‘one-on-one or ‘one-on-two’ session to compliment you free lessons or one of our full RYA courses. ‘Privates’, as we call them, will help you focus on a specific technique or skill and are very valuable when coupled with lots of time on the water to practice what you’ve learnt. Privates are available as a paid-for extra in resort and they start at £34 per hour with support boat cover.
More on Private Tuition

Why our guests love group lessons

Our group lessons are so much fun, that’s why we offer a low guest price, to encourage you all to take part. You’ll meet new friends and enjoy learning things with other guests - giving you plenty to talk about in the bar afterwards!

Our lessons follow the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) syllabus and are grouped by ability. Our instructor/guest ratio is normally 1 to 6 and our safety standards are among the highest around. There’s no need to book a lesson before you travel, it’s all done at the Beach Club when you arrive, and availability is never an issue!

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