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Our Dinghy Sailing Courses

Take part in an RYA course

If you would like to join our complimentary dinghy sailing and windsurf courses and work towards a level of the RYA syllabus, then there’s no need to book before you travel. Just let the beach team know on arrival and the fun will start on your first day. Our courses are very sociable and lots of fun with other guests. 

Ocean Elements Fast Forward coaching principles will enable faster learning and you’ll be on the water for 2-3 hours each day for 4 days of your week. Total course/tuition time approx 12 hours for each course.

Dinghy Sailing Courses

Level 1 ‘Start Sailing’ Beginner

Up to 12 hrs, 4 days Free: Vassiliki; Pelion; Porto Heli; Kos
A great, practical course and almost all of it is enjoyed on-the-water with lots of sailing in fair conditions. By the end of it, you’ll have learned how to sail confidently to a chosen point and back in light winds. We'll also cover rigging, launching and recovery and a little bit of theory to bring it all together.

Level 2  ‘Basic Skills’ Improver

Up to 12 hrs, 4 days Free: Vassiliki; Pelion; Porto Heli; Kos 
A great course, mostly enjoyed on-the-water. We’ll cover all the essential skills to a greater level, like better boat handling, tacking, gybing, capsize techniques, rigging, launching and safety. We also provide a short intro to more advanced skills like sailing with spinnakers and trapezing. 

Level 3  ‘Better Sailing’ Intermediate

Up to 12 hrs, 4 days Free: Vassiliki; Porto Heli; Pelion*; Kos* 
A practical course, mostly on-the-water where we look at all the core skills in greater depth: from tacking and gybing to capsize recovery. We’ll look in more detail at performance sailing and sailing with spinnakers and trapezes. The aim of this course is to make you a more confident medium wind sailor. *Level 3 for Pelion & Kos  is dependent on participant numbers 

Level 4  ‘Advanced’ Expert

Free: Porto Heli:  2x 2hr  course Free: Vassiliki & Kos:  3x 1hr  clinics
Our Level 4 course is a shorter but more focussed Ocean Elements course, which fast tracks to the gritty detail of skills like: Sailing with Spinnakers, Seamanship Skills, ‘Start Racing’ and Performance Sailing. We’ll take requests and tailor sessions to suit the group’s wishes.

SailFoiling ‘First Flight’ Inter to Expert

3-4 hrs (£99); Free Foiling Tasters: Vassiliki & Porto Heli

Following the RYA SailFoil scheme,  and providing you with a basic introduction to dinghy foiling, seeing you take your first take offs, as well as providing you with basic foiling knowledge. This 3-4 hour session is a lot of fun and for good intermediates and up.

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